With God We Can!

Our History

The increase in number of orphans and destitute children was alarming and therefore prompted the Mothers to take action after a challenge in 1997 by the Rt. Revd. Peter Njenga, the Diocesan Bishop. The Bishop believed that the strong women of faith of the Mothers’ Union of Mt. Kenya South were able to undertake the project. The Mothers’ Union of the Anglican Church of Kenya, Diocese of Mt. Kenya South therefore, embarked on a project for a Home to help the less fortunate children.

Mothers’ Mercy Home is an early intervention project that caters for disadvantaged children. It prevents them from suffering adverse health, neglect, delinquency or any other problem that interferes with positive child development.

The Home was founded, owned and sponsored by the Mothers’ Union of the Diocese of Mt. Kenya South. Its goal is to provide basic needs like food, shelter, love and education. It was in response to the urgent outcry for a Home to cater for the increasing number of vulnerable, destitute and HIV/AIDs orphans, whose number is increasing as the disease continues to spread. Above all, Mothers’ Mercy Home is a Home whose basic foundation is the love of God. It is a non-making profit Ministry.

The Home is situated along Limuru Road between Ndenderu and Red Hill, approximately 17 km from Nairobi City Centre. The Home opened its doors on the Seventh of May in the year 2001 with an admission of 36 children from all the Archdeaconries of the Diocese of Mt. Kenya South. The Home is now catering for 99 children, constituting of 47 boys and 52 girls aged between 4 - 17 years. Our concern is to put into practice our faith in the Mothers’ Union vows and objectives as a challenge to our lives and practices of true Christianity. The MU members are encouraged to be involved in practical action in their own communities. This, together with the existing social economic challenges facing our Nation today, has been the driving force behind the Project. We are faced with a big challenge to maintain Mothers’ Mercy Home. Since inception the mothers have been able to run the Project propelled by their motto Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.

Mothers’ Mercy Home – is a non-profit Making Ministry


A Christian based home built by faith to reach and equip the less fortunate children to be self reliant and responsible citizens.


With God We Can!


To identify and to meet the emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and social needs for children to maturity and to live life in its fullness.

CORE VALUES of the Home:
i. The leadership, management, staff and the children have a very strong sense of Ownership for the Home
ii. Discipline is the foundation upon which the Home is built
iii. Love and care for the children is the motivation for all that happens at the Home
iv. Honesty and Faithfulness are required of all those who live and work at the Mothers’ Mercy Home
v. Accountability and Transparency have guided the leaders of the Mothers’ Union in the running of the Mothers’ Mercy Home since the establishment of the Home
vi. Commitment to Unity has provided the much needed strength for the work of the Home
vii. It was through persistence and consistency in Prayer that gave birth to the Mothers’ Mercy Home.

i. 99 Children – Age 4 to Age 17 Years; Nursery School to Form II
ii. 15 Members of Staff
iii. 47 Children in Boarding Secondary Schools
iv. Top Girl in 2009 KCPE – Scored 338 Points out of 500 points
v. Top Girl in 2010 KCPE – Scored 393 Points – out of 500 points
vi. 3 children in Primary Boarding Schools – St. James’ Academy- Kiambu and Early Bird Academy - Ngecha
vii. Permanent Dormitories for both boys and girls
viii. Water Kiosk – selling water
ix. Mothers’ Mercy Home Bus – Hired Weekends/Holidays
x. 47 children have gone through the ‘Boys & Girls Initiation and Counseling Program
xi. Employed 3 Children’s mothers at Mothers’ Mercy Home in February 2010
xii. Intake of 14 more children – 2nd May 2012
xiii. Children’s Library – 800 books classified in all ages
xiv. Rabbits keeping (8 rabbits) 300 chickens (Layers), 2 Cows and 5 goats.
xv. Installation of a Water Tower
xvi. Engaged G4S Security Services
xvii. Cargo Human Care Medical Centre – opened in April 2009 – 8 Staff members
xviii. Extension & equipping of Cargo Human Care Medical Centre - December 2010 – more space for treatment - an average of 120 patients treated on daily basis
xix. Doctors from Germany give free specialist services to the poor & needy

Children's Report
We continue to give thanks to God for the spiritual, physical and mental growth of these 99 children. Most of them are active in Sunday Schools and 45 of them were confirmed. They have all adjusted very well in their Schools and most of them are doing well academically. This has also given them an opportunity to interact with other children from different backgrounds.

i) Firewood is scarce and quite expensive. Look for alternative means of cooking.
ii) The multipurpose Hall gets very smoky – need to move the kitchen away from the Hall
iii) Need to purchase the adjacent 4th - ¾ piece of land at the Mothers’ Mercy Home to create more space for the children’s playground.
iv) Solicit funds for the Construction of the Technical High School at the Redhill land.
v) A permanent building for the Administration Block urgently needed.
vi) Install an Underground Water Tank and harvest rain water.
vii) Reliable Tuition teachers – distance an issue.
viii) Generator for Mothers’ Mercy Home an urgent need.
ix) Secondary School expenses will continue to raise with the increase of more children in Form I every New Year.
x) An Income Generating Project to sustain Mothers’ Mercy Home now a must.

i) Children’s School Bags
ii) Children’s shoes
iii) Secondary School Fees
iv) Children’s School Uniform
v) Tuition teachers expenses
vi) Home clothes for the teenage children

i) Continue supplying water to the surrounding neighourhood and generate some income to assist in paying electricity bills.
ii) Continue soliciting for donations both locally and abroad to construct a good Technical High School and collect School fees to cater for the destitute children.
iii) Continue hiring out Mothers’ Mercy Home Bus during the weekend and School holidays to generate some income for its maintenance.
iv) Work out a feasibility study on how we could pack our own mineral water for our own/commercial use “Mothers’ Mercy Home Springs”?
v) Continue producing enough vegetables for our Home/commercial.
vii) Continue appealing for sponsorship both locally and abroad.
vii) Implement the Mothers’ Mercy Home 3 Year Strategic Plan
viii) Free medical care for the children at the Medical Centre.
ix) Free Primary Education
x) Better chance in benefitting from CDF/Bursary Funds.